Art without borders
Zürich | Lugano | Basel | Genève | Bern
29th March – 11th June 2017

Three Productions

As part of the IntegrART festival three productions by our partner festivals BewegGrund. Das Festival (Berne), ORME Festival (Lugano), Out of the Box - Biennale des Arts inclusifs (Geneva) and wildwuchs (Basel) will be shown. For this year’s edition of the festival we chose to present the following performances:

Michael Turinsky (A): heteronomous male / my body, your pleasure 
2 June 2017 Lugano ORME Festival
5+6 June 2017 Basel wildwuchs
8 June 2017 Berne BewegGrund. Das Festival
10 June 2017 Geneva Out of the Box - Biennale des Arts inclusifs (only «my body, your pleasure»)
heteronomous male

Heteronomy is the opposite of autonomy, of self-determination and freedom. Taking both a serious and light-hearted approach, the solo piece "heteronomous male" explores the space that the dancer and choreographer Michael Turinsky, who has had a disability from birth, operates in as an adult man and a disabled dancer: in between the situation of a child and the state of a grown man, helplessness and eros, the logic of a disabled body and the laws of society and choreography.

Choreography, Dance, Stage Design, Text: Michael Turinsky Music: Ben Frost Costumes: Devi Saha Production: Elisabeth Drucker

my body, your pleasure

In his group piece "my body, your pleasure", Turinsky transposes his vocabulary of movement that is specific to his disability to the bodies of four non-disabled dancers and explores the intrinsically shaky relation between my body and your desire. Traditional links are undone and everything could be combined in a new constellation: queer rap, disabled physicality, ghetto-aesthetics ... A potentially jolty but all the more subversive remix that deterritorialises the sex appeal of shaking.

Concept, Choreographic Director: Michael Turinsky Choreography, Performance: Alja Ferjan, Leon Maric, Raphael Michon, Manaho Shimokawa, Michael Turinsky Stage Design: Lena Winkler-Hermaden Costumes: Hanna Hollmann Lighting: Veronika Mayerböck

Michael Turinsky holds a Master in philosophy from Vienna University. He lives and works in Vienna as a theoretician, dancer and choreographer. During his formative years, he crossed paths with numerous internationally renowned teachers, among others: Adam Benjamin, Fabiana Pastorini, Barbara Kraus, Corinna Mindt, Philipp Gehmacher, Keith Hennessy and Miguel Gutierrez. As a performer he has appeared in pieces by Bert Gstettner, Legitimate Bodies/Robin Dingemans/Mick Bryson and Doris Uhlich, to name just a few. His career as a choreographer began in 2008. His piece "heteronomous male" toured internationally (Bulgaria, Geneva, Vienna, Berlin, Salzburg, among others) and "my body, your pleasure" was presented in Berlin and in Mainz.

Unmute Dance Company (ZA): Ashed
1+2 June 2017 Basel wildwuchs
3 June 2017 Lugano ORME Festival
7 June 2017 Berne BewegGrund. Das Festival
9 June 2017 Geneva Out of the Box - Biennale des Arts inclusifs

Animated and dead bodies, live singing and shiny ash swirling around. «Ashed» is a visual, choreographical and musical event on a big stage for all the senses. We witness singing, spoken word as well as a light, shadow and dance show. This dance piece is inspired by human figures frozen in a volcano’s ash in Pompeii and explores the limit between animated and lifeless bodies. Unmute Dance Company uses these figures turned to stone as a metaphor and draws parallels with the social and political situation of South African society. If the people in Pompeii were caught in volcano ash, are we now also caught up in our own history? Despite economic progress, society is stuck in its political history. What has changed after 21 years of independence and democracy? In «Ashed» human statues are a symbol and raise questions about freedom and independence, self-determination and translate bodily boundaries to political questions. How long will we still be caught in our own limits, in our own categories? «Ashed» questions every aspect that hinders our growth: the political, social and economic aspects. Or is there a phoenix waiting to renew us, when we rise from our ashes?

In English and Xhosa with German translation

Choreographer: Themba Mbuli Performer: Andile Vellem, Nadine Mckenzie, Yaseen Manuel, Zamukulungisa Sonjica Singer: Babalwa Makwethu Sculptures: Enock Mpofu Costumes: Shiba Sopotela Stage Designer: Themba Mbuli Production Manager: Thato Shuping Manager: Mpotseng Shuping 

Unmute is currently the only existing integrated dance company in South Africa, based in Cape Town as part of the Artscape Resource Centre Incubator programme. With its works that are paving the way for inclusive contemporary dance in South Africa, the Unmute Dance Company has already been invited to be part of South Africa's major arts festivals like Grahamstown National Arts Festival, Johannesburg Dance Umbrella Festival, as well as Infecting The City and Live Art Festival Cape Town. The company continues to reach to schools and communities on the national and international platforms through Outreach performances and workshops that promote integration and inclusion of people with a disability within the society.

DisAbility on Stage (CH)
1 June 2017 Lugano ORME Festival
7 June 2017 Geneva Out of the Box - Biennale des Arts inclusifs
8+9 June 2017 Basel wildwuchs
10 June 2017 Berne BewegGrund. Das Festival


Stage Lab 1

The research project DisAbility on Stage is the first comprehensive survey of the theatre and dance practices of directors, choreographers and performers with disabilities in the different linguistic regions of Switzerland. The partnership between the Accademia Teatro Dimitri and the director of Teatro DanzAbile, Emanuel Rosenberg, allowed some students and a group of disabled actors to become participants in a theatre workshop that will reflect on a combination of practical and theoretical research.

Artistic Director: Emanuel Rosenberg Performers: Felix Baumann, Sara Bocchini, Stefanie Bolzli, Angela Calia, Adriano Cangemi, Laura Coda Cantù, Elisa Di Cristofaro, Mirjami Heikkinen, Guglielmo Hug, Aida Illic, Miriam Kotlaris, Pierre Lepori, Joelle Petrini, Andres Santos, Morgan Wilson, Daniele Zanella Research Team: Sara Bocchini, Sarah Marinucci, Dr. Demis Quadri

Stage Lab 2

The performance offers an insight into a stage laboratory with students of the Bachelor Contemporary Dance of the Zurich University of the Arts as well as with performers who work with the inclusive company BewegGrund in Bern and Teatro DanzAbile in Ticino under the artistic direction of the Israeli choreographer Emanuel Gat. The two-week stage laboratory in February 2017 is one of two model collaborations in the context of the SNF-research project DisAbility on Stage (2015-2018) at the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film of the Zurich University of the Arts. The project aims to create a discussion about disability at art schools and universities in Switzerland and to further develop the research results in practice. The specific repertoire of movements by the dancers meets the interest in musicality of dance in Emanuel Gats work, whose choreography has been described by a French critic as «visual music, interpreted through the body».

Artistic Director: Emanuel Gat Coaching: Emanuel Rosenberg, Susanne Schneider Dancers: Sophie Annen, Jay Ariës, Sophie Bertschy, Emmy Blein, Giorgia D'Amico, Alice D'Angelo, Giorgia Lolli, Gina Andrea Maag, Selene Martello, Viktorija Semakaité, Antonio Spatuzzi, Dario Theiler, Elisa Scarselli, Joelle Petrini, Miriam Kotlaris, Laura Coda Cantù, Giuseppe Comuniello, Sylvie Chen, Lua Leirner Research Team: Sarah Marinucci, Dr. Yvonne Schmidt

The stage lab DisAbility on Stage is a pilot project which aims to promote the participation of people with a disability in dance and theatre training in Switzerland. The focus lies on two model collaborations: the Masters in Movement Theatre at the Accademia Teatro Dimitri in Verscio, in collaboration with the dance company Teatro Danzabile from Ticino (Stage Lab 1), and the Bachelors degree in Contemporary Dance at Zurich University of the Arts, in collaboration with BewegGrund in Berne and Danzabile in Ticino (Stage Lab 2). The aim is to develop skills at the crossroads between training practices, the theatre and dance scene, presenting productions by and with people with a disability as well as practice-based research at arts universities.