Art without borders
Zürich | Lugano | Basel | Genève | Bern
29th March – 11th June 2017

Partner festivals

Four independent festivals on integrative art under one roof:

ORME Festival (Lugano)
Lugano 1-4 June 2017 ORME Festival

Mankind always seeks a sense of belonging. A path on which one leaves traces (Orme). The shape of the trace is not important, it can be a footstep, the trace of a crutch or the stripes left behind by a wheelchair, every person has the right to express their own creativity, if they wish to do so, beyond any physical or mental restrictions.

The ORME Festival takes place every other year and was founded in 2012 by Teatro Danzabile and FTIA with the aim to present in Ticino different integrative and inclusive art forms from the regional, national and international arts scene.

wildwuchs (Basel)
Basel 1-11 June 2017 wildwuchs

wildwuchs is a biennial festival of contemporary arts. With its widespread international and local network, wildwuchs aims to strengthen the position of those on the margins and establish a spirit of cultural diversity and non-conformism. wildwuchs experiments with new forms of dance, performance and theatre – and enables people from all walks of life to fully and actively participate in culture, as spectators, initiators or participants. Its numerous guest productions, own productions and co-productions as well as its broad range of discussion and dialogue formats make it a transcultural meeting point accessible to all.

Out of the Box - Biennale des Arts inclusifs (Geneva)
Geneva 6-11 June 2017 Out of the Box - Biennale des Arts inclusifs

Out of the Box is an event that takes place in Geneva every two years. Different cultural institutions based in Geneva work together to present an inclusive programme that features works which include artists with a disability. It is a unique event in the French-speaking part of Switzerland and aims to rethink the relationship between arts and disability. Like in previous years, a multidisciplinary programme that includes local and international productions, will try to open up new aesthetic perspectives and contribute to broadening the field of contemporary creation.

This year’s partners are: Comédie de Genève, Théâtre du Galpon, IntegrART, Fondation Bodmer, Fonction : Cinéma, Regards Neufs, Espace Témoin, FMAC.

BewegGrund. Das Festival (Berne)
Berne 7-11 June 2017 BewegGrund. Das Festival

The BewegGrund association has been organising a biennial festival in Berne since 1999. This inclusive event brings together high-profile dance and theatre productions as well as bands featuring artists with or without disabilities in Berne. BewegGrund. Das Festival also serves as a platform for non-professional dance groups who work with a professional artistic director and features short pieces from their Community Dance projects. The festival aims to promote participation by a diverse range of people such as artists and members of the public. During the festival, regional, national and international partnerships are strengthened and fostered, cultural diversity in the city is promoted and people of all ages and backgrounds can take part in five colourful, eventful days, which invite everyone to participate and admire.