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29th March – 11th June 2017

IntegrART Symposium 2017

Before the festivals, IntegrART presents a symposium that addresses curators, dancers and artists as well as experts from Switzerland and abroad. Participation in the symposium is by invitation and free of charge.

Documentary IntegrART Symposium 2017:

On Politics and Bodies

On Politics and Bodies

Reflecting the current trend to present dissident bodies on stage

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 from 4pm until 10pm Tanzhaus Zürich
Thursday, 30 March 2017 from 9am until 6pm Gessnerallee Zürich

The relationship between the performing arts and politics is controversial. Political dimensions are being sought in the content of the performances as well as in the production forms and processes. How political are theatre or dance performances by artists with a disability if they serve as a vehicle for social discourse? Even if a sense of identification between the audience and the performers with a disability can be created within postdramatic and performative theatre, the risk remains that the performers on stage will be reduced to their disability. How political is the trend to move away from the usual patterns of representation through the appearance of non-normative bodies? Is the participation of an artist with a disability in a theatre or dance performance intrinsically political, is it a trend which can underline the limits of theatre or simply a way to broaden aesthetic possibilities and experiences?

Without pretending to represent all the positions on this topic, the IntegrART symposium invites you to debate and experience the political dimensions of artistic strategies by and with people with a disability.

The speakers from Switzerland and abroad all work in dance, theatre, performance or in the field of research, may or may not have a disability, and will be exploring these questions through academic presentations, talks, debates, a masterclass, performances and building conversations.

Project Leader IntegrART: Isabella Spirig Manager Symposium: Ketty Ghnassia Advisor Symposium: Gunda Zeeb Production Manager: Saskia Keel


An international Migros Cultural Percentage symposium organised as part of IntegrART. 2017 in cooperation with Tanzhaus Zürich and Gessnerallee Zürich. With the support of the Federal Bureau for the Equality of People with Disabilities FBED, the Foundation Corymbo and Migros Cooperative Zurich.



Friday, 31 March 2017 from 10am until 5pm Media Campus, Zurich
Saturday, 1 April 2017 from 10am until 5pm Media Campus, Zurich

"Everything you wanted to know about crip choreography but were afraid to ask"

Michael Turinsky defines crip choreography as a critical artistic practice that takes its departure from the singularity of lived experience, its spatial and temporal, affective and libidinal facticity. From there it takes a leap towards a complexity of ideas relating to disability, politics and/or aesthetics. So, it will be about to do both: move and feel as well as think and talk. In between we’ll just mess around a bit, or rest and relax or follow the dark edge of our sweetest dreams. Core issues that will be explored are:

  • Affect and representation
  • Stillness, slowness and repetition
  • Vibration and pulse, regular and irregular
  • Shape and image
  • Hypervisibility and invisibility
  • Negativity and pleasure

Masterclass held by: Michael Turinsky

The call for participants is open to professionals in the field of performance - actors/dancers/performers (with some performing experience) with or without physical disability are welcome.

The deadline for application is 10 March 2017. For further inquiries please contact

Application:, make sure to include:

  • a letter or a video of motivation (max. 500 words or 3 min)
  • a photo (of yourself)
  • cv (including date of birth)


Building Conversation / Lotte van den Berg
DisAbility on Stage
Lisi Estaras
Emma Gladstone
Noëmi Lakmaier
Inés Mateos
Roger Merguin
Alessandro Schiattarella
Dr. Yvonne Schmidt
Dr. Gerald Siegmund
Dr. Marita Tatari
Theater HORA
Michael Turinsky

Wednesday, 29 March 2017 Tanzhaus Zürich
Arrival 15:30    
Durational Performance 16:00

Noëmi Lakmaier (A/GB)

You are Welcome

Welcome 16:30

Catja Loepfe, Artistic Director Tanzhaus Zürich

Christoph Haering, Head of Performing Arts and Literature, Federation of Migros Cooperatives, Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs

Andreas Rieder, Head of the Federal Bureau for the Equality of People with Disabilities FBED

Presentation 17:00

DisAbility on Stage – Stage Lab 2 (CH)

Director: Emanuel Gat, a project of the Institute for the Performing Arts and Film and BA Contemporary Dance ZHdK

Durational Performance 17:30

Noëmi Lakmaier (A/GB)

You are Welcome

Debate 18:00

Emma Gladstone (GB; Artistic Director Dance Umbrella), Michael Turinsky (A; artist), Roger Merguin (CH; Artistic Director Gessnerallee Zürich), Lisi Estaras (AR; dancer and choreographer, les ballets C de la B); Presentation: Inés Mateos

Can we change the world? Contrasting curatorial approaches and artistic practices


Apéro riche / Durational Performance 19:00

Noëmi Lakmaier (A/GB)

You are Welcome

Performance 20:00

Alessandro Schiattarella (I/CH)

Tell me where it is

Artist Talk 21:00

Alessandro Schiattarella (I/CH), Noëmi Lakmaier (A/GB); Presentation: Inés Mateos


Thursday, 30 March 2017 Gessneralle Zürich

Arrival /

Durational Performance


Noëmi Lakmaier (A/GB)



Lecture 09:30

Dr. Gerald Siegmund (D; Professor for Applied Theatre Studies, Justus-Liebig-Universität Giessen)

Politics of Dance: Possibilities to Think Dance Politically


Talk 10:20

Dr. Yvonne Schmidt (CH; Senior Researcher, Institute for the Performing Arts and Film Zürcher Hochschule der Künste), Dr. Marita Tatari (D; Research Assistant, Institut für Theaterwissenschaft der Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

Theatre by and with Actors with Disabilities: Reevaluating the Debate about the Political Dimension of Postdramatic Theatre


Coffee Break / Durational Performance 11:20

Noëmi Lakmaier (A/GB)


Open Rehearsal 11:45

Theater HORA (CH)

GOTT, a collateral collage by Theater HORA, in the framework of the long-term project Freie Republik HORA

Response to the open rehearsal 12:45

Maren Rieger (CH)

Political Potential of Collective Work


Lunch 13:00    
Building Conversation 14:30 - max. 18:00

Lotte van den Berg (NL)

Building Conversation is run by a collective of artists all in their own way fascinated by what happens when we talk with each other. Inspired by conversation techniques from all over the world they execute and perform different conversations together with participants in cities all over Europe.

Conversation 1:

Conversation without words

Inspired by the annual gathering of the Inuits, where chieftains sit together for hours at a time, looking at each other without saying a word. The intensity that arises when you look at each other without saying anything is enormous. This conversation lets us see and experience what human contact is based on and brings groups together in a very direct way.

Conversation 2:

Parliament of Things

Among other things, this council refers to a ritual of the Aboriginals, who relate to plants, clouds or a mountain as if they were their ancestors. During the Parliament of Things we investigate what it means for us Westerners to speak on behalf of things, on behalf of nature. Will this remain a dualistic relation between people and things, or is it conceivable that a different relation will unfold, that we will give ourselves a different place in the universe?


IntegrART recommends:

Milo Rau / Theater HORA / Schauspielhaus Zürich, Die 120 Tage von Sodom, 1/2 April at Programme Commun in Lausanne

The symposium is fully booked. Registration for waiting list:



IntegrART recommends:

Milo Rau / Theater HORA / Schauspielhaus Zürich, Die 120 Tage von Sodom, 1/2 April at Programme Commun in Lausanne

Created by Théâtre de Vidy and Arsenic in partnership with other cultural institutions (Théâtre Sévelin 36, Cinémathèque suisse, Manufacture, HES-SO, Ecal), the festival Programme Commun takes place from 23 March to 2 April in Lausanne. The festival is an invitation to move freely between locations and artistic disciplines to discover works by new or renowned artists, from the French-speaking and German-speaking area of Switzerland, Ticino and different European countries.