Art without borders
Zürich | Lugano | Basel | Genève | Bern
29th March – 11th June 2017


IntegrART, a Migros Culture Percentage networking project, actively supports the inclusion of artists with a disability within art and society. Since 2007, the biennial initiative has been linking up local festivals, presenting national and international productions, and organising symposiums in cooperation with key partners.

Enabling artists with a disability to become part of the standard cultural scene is not just a question of representativity and social justice, it is also about artists with a disability bringing new forms and experiences to the arts. Their enriching contribution helps broaden the spectrum of possibilities; it is a plus for the producers as well as the audience. The general public is still not sufficiently aware of this, and even open-minded contemporaries often know little about it. That's why since 2007 IntegrART has been sending remarkable dance pieces by and with artists with a disability on tour and organising a conference with experts every other year.


Isabella Spirig 
Project Leader dance

Federation of Migros Cooperatives
Directorate of Cultural and Social Affairs
Performing Arts and Literature
Josefstrasse 214 / PO Box
8031 Zurich

Migros Culture Percentage

The Migros Culture Percentage is a voluntary initiative by Migros, incorporated in its articles of association that demonstrates the company’s responsibility towards society. Migros is committed to providing a wide access to culture and education for the general public, allowing the company to interact with society and empowering people to participate in social, economic and cultural changes. Key elements of this commitment are culture, society, education, leisure and economy.